Word Summary
meil: a robe
Original Word: מְעִיל
Transliteration: meil
Phonetic Spelling: (meh-eel')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a robe
Meaning: a robe
Strong's Concordance
cloak, coat, mantle, robe

From ma'al in the sense of covering; a robe (i.e. Upper and outer garment) -- cloke, coat, mantle, robe.

see HEBREW ma'al


H4598. meil

מְעִילnoun masculine1 Samuel 2:19 robe (Thes conjecture original meaning cover for √ מעל‎, compare בגד‎; Ba ES 15 compare Arabic an outer garment, but against this StaThLz, Apr. 28, 1894, 235); — ׳מExodus 28:31 18t.; suffix מְעִילוֺ1 Samuel 15:27; מְעִלוֺJob 1:20; 2:12 4t. singular; plural מְעִילִים2 Samuel 13:18, (but strike out We Klo Kit Bu SS; original gloss מֵעוֺלָם‎ We Kit Bu); מְעִילֵיהֶםEzekiel 26:16; — exterior garment, robe, worn over the inner tunic כְּתֹנֶת ׃

1 worn by men of rank: Saul and Jonathan 1 Samuel 18:4; 24:5; 24:12 (twice in verse); princes of the sea Ezekiel 26:16; Job Job 1:20; 2:12; Samuel 1 Samuel 15:27; 28:14; Ezra Ezra 9:3, 5; David clothed with ׳מ בוץ1 Chronicles 15:27 (in the procession of the ark); the child Samuel had קָטֹן׳מ1 Samuel 2:19; — (it had a skirt כנף15:27; 24:5; 24:12 (twice in verse)).

2 worn by the daughters of David 2 Samuel 13:18 (but probably strike out, see above)

3 robe of high priest (only P): הָאֵפוֺד מְעִיל‎, made of purple stuff, Exodus 28:31; 29:5; 39:22; ומעיל אפוד28:4; הַמְּעִילLeviticus 8:7, having הַמְּעִיל שׁוּלֵי‎ skirts Exodus 28:34; 39:24-25, 26, around which were alternate coloured pomegranates and golden bells, and הַמְּעִיל מִּי‎, an opening or hole by which it might be drawn over the head 39:28.

4 figurative of attributes (of ׳י‎, and of men), קנאהIsaiah 59:17; צדקה61:10; משׁפטJob 29:14; בשׁתPsalm 109:29.

II. מַ֫עַל‎ see below עלה‎. מֵעַל‎ see עַל‎. p. 751, 758f

[מֹ֫עַל‎], מַעֲלָה מַעֲלֶה,‎ see below עלה‎.

[מַעֲלָל מַעֲלִיל,‎] see עלל‎.

[מַעֲמָד‎], מָעֳמָד‎ see עמד‎. מַעֲמָסָה‎ see עמס‎.

מַעֲמַקִּים‎ see עמק‎. מַ֫עַן‎ see מַעֲנֶה‎ below I. עָנָה‎.

מַעֲנִית מַעֲנָה, מַעֲנֶה,‎ see I. ענה‎.

מְעֹנָה‎ see עון‎.