Word Summary
ma'alah: what comes up
Original Word: מַעֲלָה
Transliteration: ma'alah
Phonetic Spelling: (mah-al-aw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: what comes up
Meaning: elevation, the act, the condition, a climactic progression
Strong's Concordance
things that come up, high degree, deal, go up, stair, step, story

Feminine of ma'aleh; elevation, i.e. The act (literally, a journey to a higher place, figuratively, a thought arising), or (concretely) the condition (literally, a step or grade-mark, figuratively, a superiority of station); specifically a climactic progression (in certain Psalms) -- things that come up, (high) degree, deal, go up, stair, step, story.

see HEBREW ma'aleh


H4609. ma

'alah I. [מַעֲלָה‎] noun feminine what comes up; — plural construct רוּחֲכֶם מַעֲלוֺתEzekiel 11:5, i.e. your thoughts.

II. מַעֲלָה46 noun feminine step, stair; — ׳מEzra 7:9; 1 Chronicles 17:17; plural מַעֲלוֺתIsaiah 38:8 +, suffix מַעֲלֹתָו֯Amos 9:6, etc.; —

1 step, stair of temple Ezekiel 40:6 5t. 40, and temple porch 40:49; of altar Exodus 20:26 (E) (forbidden, compare RSOTJC xii, n. l; 2nd ed. 358) Ezekiel 43:17 (prescribed); of house 2 Kings 9:13, of throne 1 Kings 10:19-20, 2 Chronicles 9:18-19, to the city of David Nehemiah 3:15; 12:37.

2 steps (forming sun-dial, compare DiIs) 2 Kings 20:9 (twice in verse); 20:10 (twice in verse); 20:11 (3 t. in verse) = Isaiah 38:8 (5 t. in verse)

3 stories of heaven Amos 9:6.

4 ascent, מִבָּבֶלEzra 7:9.

5. שִׁיר (ל)הַמַּעֲלוֺת‎ song of ascents, to the three great pilgrim feasts, i.e. to be sung on way up to Jerusalem, titles of Psalm 120-134 + Psalm 84:6 We and others — המעלה האדם כְּתוֺר1 Chronicles 17:17 is corrupt, see Commentaries on the passage (and on "" 2 Samuel 7:19).