Word Summary
matstsah: unleavened bread or cake
Original Word: מַצָּה
Transliteration: matstsah
Phonetic Spelling: (mats-tsaw')
Part of Speech: noun feminine
Short Definition: unleavened bread or cake
Meaning: sweetness, sweet, an unfermented cake, loaf, the festival of Passover
Strong's Concordance
unleaved bread, cake, without leaven

From matsats in the sense of greedily devouring for sweetness; properly, sweetness; concretely, sweet (i.e. Not soured or bittered with yeast); specifically, an unfermented cake or loaf, or (elliptically) the festival of Passover (because no leaven was then used) -- unleaved (bread, cake), without leaven.

see HEBREW matsats


H4682. matstsah

I. מַצָּהnoun feminine unleavened bread, or cake(s); — absolute ׳מLeviticus 2:5; 8:26 (מ ׳חַלַּת אַחַת‎), Numbers 6:19 (id.), 6:19; usually plural מַצּוֺתExodus 12:15 44t.; מַצֹּת12:18 3t; — unleavened bread, prepared in form of לֶחֶם29:2; חַלָּה29:2 4t. P; רקיקים29:2; 1 Chronicles 23:29 4t. P; עגּהExodus 12:39; used at ordinary meals (prepared hastily): מ ׳אפהGenesis 19:3 (J), Exodus 12:39 (J), 1 Samuel 28:24; probably also Judges 6:19-20, 21 (twice in verse); elsewhere at sacrificial meals, e.g. ritual peace-offerings Leviticus 2:4 (twice in verse); 2:5; 6:9; 7:12 (twice in verse); 10:12; consecration of priesthood Exodus 29:2 (3 t. in verse); 29:23; Leviticus 8:2, 26, 26; at peace-offering of Nazirite Numbers 6:15 (twice in verse); 6:17, 19 (twice in verse); at Passover Exodus 12:8; Numbers 9:11 (all P); especially at feast of unleavened bread [cakes] for 7 days after Passover המ חג ׳שׁמרExodus 23:15 (E), 34:18 (J); מ ׳שׁסר12:17 (P), (ה)מ ׳חג עשׂה2 Chronicles 30:13, 21; 35:17; Ezra 6:22; המ ׳בחגDeuteronomy 16:16; 2 Chronicles 8:13; המ ׳חג ׳ליLeviticus 23:6. During these seven days all Israel ate מצותExodus 12:15, 18, 20 (P), 23:15 (E), 13:6-7, 34:18 (J), Leviticus 23:6; Numbers 28:17 (P), Deuteronomy 16:3, 8; Joshua 5:11; Ezekiel 45:21. — 2 Kings 23:9 read probably מִצְוֺת‎ or מִנָיוֺת‎ for ׳מ ᵑ0‎ (אכל‎); so Gei Kue Kmp Bu.

[מָצֻק‎] see מָצוּק‎ below II. צוק

[מְצֻקָה‎] see מצוּקָה‎ below I. צוק

[מֻצֶ֫קֶת‎] see ׳מוּצ‎ below יצק‎. מֵצַר‎ see I. צרר‎.

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