Word Summary
nabal: foolish, senseless
Original Word: נָבָל
Transliteration: nabal
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-bawl')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: foolish, senseless
Meaning: foolish, senseless
Strong's Concordance
foolish, vile person

From nabel; stupid; wicked (especially impious) -- fool(-ish, -ish man, -ish woman), vile person.

see HEBREW nabel


H5036. nabal

I. נָבָלadjective foolish, senseless, especially of the man who has no perception of ethical and religious claims, and with collateral idea of ignoble, disgraceful; — absolute ׳נ2 Samuel 3:33 14t.; masculine plural נְבָלִים13:13; Ezekiel 13:3 (ᵐ5‎ Co מִלִּבָּם‎); feminine plural נְבָלוֺתJob 2:10; — senseless, especially of religious and moral insensibility: נ ׳עַםDeuteronomy 32:6 (of Israel, unappreciative of J.'s benefits; opposed to חָכָם‎), so of heathen nation Psalm 74:18 (blaspheming name of ׳י‎), נ ׳גּוֺיDeuteronomy 32:21 ("" עָם לֹא‎); הַנּ ׳הַנְּבִאִיםEzekiel 13:3 (si vera lectio, see above); elsewhere as substantive (impious and presumptuous) fool, Isaiah 32:5 (opposed to נָדִיבnoble-minded), characterized as at once irreligious and churlish, 32:6; denying God Psalm 14:1 = 53:2; insulting God 74:22, and God's servant 39:9; Proverbs 17:7 arrogant speech becometh not the (impious and presumptuous) fool (whose faults it only makes the more conspicuous), much less do lying lips him that this is noble (נדיב‎), 17:21 ("" כְּסִיל‎), 30:22 לחם ישׂבע כי ונבל‎ (one of the things under which the earth trembles), נָבָל בְּנֵיJob 30:8 i.e. ignoble men ("" בְלִישֵֿׁם בְּנֵי‎); as one who might be expected to have a contumelious end, נ ׳הַכְּמוֺת אבנר ימות2 Samuel 3:33 was Abner (destined) to die, as a ׳נ‎ dieth ? of the man who amasses riches unjustly נבל יהיה ובאחריתוJeremiah 17:11 i.e. will prove himself to be a ׳נ‎; as acting immorally (with collateral idea of disgracefully) 2 Samuel 13:13 בישׂראל הַנְּבָלִים כְּאַחַד תהיה ואתה‎ (compare נְבָלָה‎); feminine only in הַנְּבָלוֺת אַחַת כְּדַבֵּרJob 2:10 (of Job's wife). compare DrDeuteronomy 22:21. 32, 6. 15.21; Psalt. 457.