Word Summary
nagid: a leader, ruler, prince
Original Word: נָגִיד
Transliteration: nagid
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-gheed')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a leader, ruler, prince
Meaning: a commander, civil, military, religious, honorable themes
Strong's Concordance
captain, chief, excellent thing, chief governor, leader, noble, prince, chief ruler

Or nagid {naw-gheed'}; from nagad; a commander (as occupying the front), civil, military or religious; generally (abstractly, plural), honorable themes -- captain, chief, excellent thing, (chief) governor, leader, noble, prince, (chief) ruler.

see HEBREW nagad


H5057. nagid

נָגִידnoun masculine leader (literally probably one in front), ruler, prince; — absolute ׳נ1 Samuel 9:16 31t.; construct נְגִיד (נְגִד)2 Kings 20:5-6t.; plural נְגִידִיםJob 29:10 3t.; נְגִידֵי2 Chronicles 35:8; — ruler, prince Psalm 76:13; Proverbs 28:16; Job 29:10; 31:37 (in simile). Especially

1 of king of Israel: of Saul לְנ ׳מָשַׁח עַל‎ (+ accusative of person), 1 Samuel 9:16 (subject prophet), compare of Solomon, subject people, 1 Chronicles 29:22; 10:1 (subject ׳י‎); of David לְנ ׳צִוָּהוּ עַל1 Samuel 13:14; 25:30, ׳נ צִוָּהוּ עַל2 Samuel 6:21 (in these ׳י‎ subject), לנ ׳היה על5:2, נ ׳היה על7:8; 1 Chronicles 11:2; 17:7; compare also 5:2; 2 Chronicles 6:5; of David also נ ׳נָתַן ׳לְIsaiah 55:4; of Solomon נ ׳לִהְיוֺת על אֹתוֺ צִוָּה1 Kings 1:35 (׳י‎ subject); of Jeroboam נ ׳נתן על‎ ( + accusative of person) 14:7 (׳י‎ subject); so 16:2 of Baasha; of Hezekiah ׳נְ עַָמִּי2 Kings 20:5; ׳לְנ בְּאֶחָיו הֶעֱמִיד‎ ( + accusative of person) 2 Chronicles 11:22 (of Abijah, subject Rehob.); of Judah 1 Chronicles 28:4.

2 of a foreign ruler or prince Ezekiel 28:2; Daniel 9:25-26,.

3 the title of some high official connected with the temple Jeremiah 20:1 (of Pashhur) י ׳בבית נָגִיד פָקִיד וְהוּא‎ and he was prince-overseer in, etc. (for ׳פ‎ see 29:26); hence ׳נ האלהים בית1 Chronicles 9:11; 2 Chronicles 31:13; 35:8 (three ב ׳נגידי ׳ה‎, including the high-priest), Nehemiah 11:11; of high-priest Daniel 11:22 נ ׳בְּרִית‎.

4 ruler in other capacities (late): of tribe 1 Chronicles 27:16; 2 Chronicles 19:11; of Korahites 9:20; of Aaronite warriors 2 Chron 12:27; of division of army 1 Chronicles 13:1; 27:4; 2 Chronicles 11:11 (commandant of fortress), 32:21 (in Assyrian army: "" שַׂר‎); of temple-treasuries 1 Chronicles 26:24, compare 2 Chronicles 31:12; ׳נ הבית28:7 (i.e. of palace?).

5 princely thimgs, plural abstract Proverbs 8:6.