Word Summary
nadaph: to drive, drive asunder
Original Word: נָדַף
Transliteration: nadaph
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-daf')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to drive, drive asunder
Meaning: to shove asunder, disperse
Strong's Concordance
drive away, to and fro, thrust down, shaken, tossed to and fro

A primitive root; to shove asunder, i.e. Disperse -- drive (away, to and fro), thrust down, shaken, tossed to and fro.


H5086. nadaph

[נָדַף‎] verb drive, drive asunder ( Late Hebrew id., spread, be diffused, disseminated (of odour); Arabic strike, beat, especially bow-string with mallet, to clean cotton; also play the lyre; Aramaic נְדַף‎ = Late Hebrew; Ethiopic throw, hurl); —

Qal Imperfect suffix יִדְּפֶנּוּJob 32:13 (jussive); 3 feminine singular suffix תִּדְּפֶנּוּPsalm 1:4; 2masculine singular תִּנְדֹּף68:3; — drive about, chaff, subject wind 1:4; wicked, subject God 68:3 (עָשָׁן כְּהִנְדֹּף‎, see below); compare Job 32:13 (= defeat, anguish).

Niph`al Perfect נִדַּףIsaiah 19:7; Infinitive. כְּהִנְדֹּףPsalm 68:3 (see Köi. 306 f); Participle נִדָּףLeviticus 26:36 3t.; — be driven, driven about (especially by wind) Psalm 68:3, see above (like a driving [Che drift] of smoke); of breath (הֶבֶל‎) figurative of deceitful gain Proverbs 21:6 (ᵐ5‎ Hi Ew רֹדֵף‎; see De Now); of withered plant Isaiah 19:7 (where subject מִוְרָע עָרוֺת,‎ i.e. place; whence Che transitive ׳נvanish; but reference probably to plant-life in these places, see Di); of leaf Leviticus 26:36 (as making slight sound), Job 13:25 (figurative of sufferer, "" יָבֵשׁ קַשׁ‎), of chaff (קַשׁ‎) Isaiah 41:2 (simile of bow of hostile kings "" עָפָר‎).