Word Summary
nun: to propagate, increase
Original Word: נוּן
Transliteration: nun
Phonetic Spelling: (noon)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to propagate, increase
Meaning: to resprout, propagate by shoots, to be perpetual
Strong's Concordance
be continued

A primitive root; to resprout, i.e. Propagate by shoots; figuratively, to be perpetual -- be continued.


H5125. nun

[נִין נוּן,‎] verb propagate, increase (si vera lectio) ( > denominative from נין‎ Hup-Now SS; — Late Hebrew נוּן‎ = fish, so Aramaic נוּנָא‎, , Assyrian nunu; —

Qal or

Hiph`il ?) Imperfect ינין‎ Kt; >

Niph`al ינּוֺן‎ Qr Psalm 72:17 let his name have increase (or, if Niph`al, be propagated, spread); but dubious, Vrss perhaps יִכּוֺןbe established, endure.