Word Summary
sabbal: burden bearer
Original Word: סַבָּל
Transliteration: sabbal
Phonetic Spelling: (sab-bawl')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: burden bearer
Meaning: burden bearer
Strong's Concordance
to bear, bearer of burdens

From cabal; a porter -- (to bear, bearer of) burden(-s).

see HEBREW cabal


H5449. sabbal

סַבָּלnoun [masculine] burden-bearer, (late); — only absolute ׳ס‎ collective Nehemiah 4:4; 2 Chronicles 2:1; 2:17; masculine plural absolute סַבָּלִים34:13; — סַבָּל נשֵֹׁא‎ 1 Kings 5:29 is certainly wrong; ᵐ5αἴροντες ἄρσιν, ᵑ9qui onera portabant, hence probably סֵ֫בֶל נשֵֹׁא‎; > סַבָּל אִישׁ‎, as "" 2:1.