Word Summary
sam: spice (used in incense)
Original Word: סַם
Transliteration: sam
Phonetic Spelling: (sam)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: spice (used in incense)
Meaning: spice (used in incense)
Strong's Concordance
sweet spice

From an unused root meaning to smell sweet; an aroma -- sweet (spice).


H5561. sam

[סַם‎]16 noun masculine spice, used in incense; — only plural absolute סַמִּים‎, and only P, Chronicles; Exodus 30:34 (twice in verse), elsewhere קְטֹרֶת (הַ)סַּמִּיםincense of spices 25:6 8t. Exodus; Leviticus 4:7; 16:12; Numbers 4:16; 2 Chronicles 2:3; 3:11.