Word Summary
adah: to pass on, advance
Original Word: עָדָה
Transliteration: adah
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-daw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to pass on, advance
Meaning: to advance, pass on, continue, to remove, to bedeck
Strong's Concordance
adorn, deck self, pass by, take away

A primitive root; to advance, i.e. Pass on or continue; causatively, to remove; specifically, to bedeck (i.e. Bring an ornament upon) -- adorn, deck (self), pass by, take away.


H5710. adah

I. עָדָהverb pass on, advance (Arabic () pass by, also run = Ethiopic pass by; Aramaic עדיgo along, go by (often for Hebrew עָבַר‎, Aph`el remove; Syriac pass by, come, with fall upon); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular עָדָהJob 28:8 the fierce lion hath not advanced upon it (that is, the way).

Hiph`il Participle בֶּגֶד מַעֲדֶהProverbs 25:20 removing a garment (compare Prov 38:19 ᵑ7‎, Jonah 3:6 Hebrew and ᵑ7‎).

II. עָדָהverb ornament, deck oneself (Aramaic in derivatives עִידּוּת‎, ornament; compare perhaps עֲדִיתָא‎, scurf, scab; Arabic mange, scab, etc. [as sheathing, orexcrescence ?], also broad stone for covering grave, etc., Lane1979); —

Qal Perfect2feminine singular וְעָדִיתEzekiel 23:40; Imperfect3feminine singular תַּעְדֶּהIsaiah 61:10, וַתַּ֫עַדHosea 2:15; 2feminine singular תַּעְדִּיJeremiah 4:30; 31:4, וַתַּעְדִּיEzekiel 16:13; 1singular suffix וָאֶעְדֵךְ16:11; Imperative masculine singular עֲדֵהנָֿאJob 40:10; — ornament; usually

1. a. reflexive, deck oneself with, with accusative of (woman's) ornaments, of bride Isaiah 61:10 (simile; compare הִלְבִּישׁ‎ va); figurative of Israel Hosea 2:15; Jeremiah 31:4; Jerusalem 4:30 (with accusative of cognate meaning; "" לָבַשׁ‎), Ezekiel 16:13 (מַלְבּוּשֵׁךְ‎ in "" clause), 23:40 (with accusative of congnate meaning with verb).

b. metaphor, וגוי גָאוֺן עֲדֵהנָֿאJob 40:10 deck now thyself [Job] with majesty.

2 with 2. accusative, עֶ֑דִי וָאֶעְדֵךְEzekiel 16:11 and I decked thee [Jerusalem] with finery (? read

Hiph`il ׳וָאַ‎).