Word Summary
osparna: thoroughly, with (all) diligence
Original Word: אָסְפַּרְנָא
Transliteration: osparna
Phonetic Spelling: (os-par-naw')
Part of Speech: Adverb
Short Definition: thoroughly, with (all) diligence
Meaning: thoroughly, with (all) diligence
Strong's Concordance
fast, forthwith, speedily

(Aramaic) of Persian derivation; diligently -- fast, forthwith, speed(-ily).


H629. osparna

אָסְמַּרְנָאadverb thoroughly, RV with (all) diligence (Zend asp§re, asperenõ, Persian sipar£, asper£, all complete, Castell [1669], Thes HaugJBW 1853, 154 LagSemitic i. 48 AndrMarti, Gl. 53* ScheftMGWJ 1903, 415 (correcting Arisches im AT. 73 f.)); — Ezra 5:8 מִתְעַבְדָא ׳א‎, 6:8, 12, 13; 7:17, 21, 26 (compare Old Aramaic אספרן‎, on a weight,complete, correct: Lab223, Cooke193).