Word Summary
issar: a bond, binding obligation
Original Word: אֱסָר
Transliteration: issar
Phonetic Spelling: (es-sawr')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a bond, binding obligation
Meaning: a bond, binding obligation
Strong's Concordance
binding, bond

Or riccar {is-sawr'}; from 'acar; an obligation or vow (of abstinence) -- binding, bond.

see HEBREW 'acar


H632. issar

אִסָּרnoun masculineNumbers 30:8 bond, binding obligation (compare Biblical Aramaic אֱסָר‎, Syriac ; so forms with suffix below see BaNB 62 compare Sta§ 208 a; but perhaps Aramaic loan-word see LagBN 175) — ׳א‎ absolute 30:3 +; construct 30:13; suffix אֶסְרָהּ30:5; plural suffix אֱסָרֶיהָ30:6; 30:15, אֱסָרֶהָ30:8 — only Numbers 30 (P), binding obligation of oath or vow; mostly accusative of congnate meaning with verb אָסַר‎ (q. v.); 30:3; 30:4; 30:5 (twice in verse); 30:6; 30:8; 30:11; 30:12; נַפְשָׁהּ אִסָּר30:13; אִסָּר שְׁבֻעַתbinding oath 30:14.