Word Summary
epho: then
Original Word: אֵפוֹ
Transliteration: epho
Phonetic Spelling: (ay-fo')
Part of Speech: enclitic particle
Short Definition: then
Meaning: here, now, then
Strong's Concordance
here, now, where

Or hephowe {ay-fo'}; from poh; strictly a demonstrative particle, here; but used of time, now or then -- here, now, where?

see HEBREW poh


H645. epho

אֵפוֺ‎ (Job 17:15; 19:6, 23; 24:25), elsewhere אֵפוֺא‎ (compare רִבּוֺ‎ and רִבּוֺא‎ ),

enclitic particle then (probably from מּוֺ‎, a particle with a demonstrative force, compare מֹּה מּוֺ,‎ here, with א‎ prefixed. In the Targs. מּוֺן‎ is used somewhat similarly, e.g. Genesis 26:10; Numbers 11:29; Isaiah 1:9; 48:18-19,), — used

1 in connection with interrogatory pronouns or adverbs (like ἄρα, ποτε tandem): אֵפוֺא מִיGenesis 27:3 who, then, . . . ? 27:37; אֶעֱשֶׂה מָה אֵפוֺא וּלְכָה‎ and for thee, then, what shall I do, my son ? Exodus 33:16 אֵפוֺא יִוָּדַע וּבַמֶּה‎ and wherein shall it be known, then...? אֵפוֺא אַיה‎ where, then ? Judges 9:38; Isaiah 19:12; Job 17:15; Hosea 13:10 אֵפוֺא מַלְכְךָ אֱהִיIsaiah 22:1 אֵפוֺא מַהלָּֿח‎ what is there to thee, pray. . ..

2 in a command or wish : 2 Kings 10:10 אֵפוֺא דְּעוּ‎ ? know, then; (in apodosis) Proverbs 6:3; Job 19:6, 23 מִלָּי֑ וְיִכָּֽתְבוּן אֵפוֺ מִיּיִֿתֵּן‎ would, then, that my words were written !

3 after אִםGenesis 43:11 עֲשׂו זאֹת אֵפוֺא אִםכֵּֿן‎ if it be so, then, do this, Job 9:24 if not then, who is it ? 24:25.