Word Summary
paqach: musterings, expenses
Original Word: פָקַח
Transliteration: paqach
Phonetic Spelling: (paw-kakh')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: musterings, expenses
Meaning: to open, to be observant
Strong's Concordance

A primitive root; to open (the senses, especially the eyes); figuratively, to be observant -- open.


H6491. paqach

מָּקַחverb open eyes and (once) ears (Late Hebrew id., open (and remove) rubbish heap, followed by עַלlook to, attend to; Arabic blossom, II. open eyes; Jewish-Aramaic מְּקַחopen eyes, etc.; Syriac blossom; —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳פJob 27:19; 2masculine singular מָּקַחְתָּ14:3; Imperfect3masculine singular וַיִּפְקַחGenesis 21:19 +; 1 singular אֶפְקַחZechariah 12:4; Imperative masculine singular מְּקַח2 Kings 6:17 +, so Daniel 9:18 Qr (Kt פקחה‎); Infinitive absolute מָּקוֺחַIsaiah 42:20; construct לִפְקֹחַ42:7; Participle active מֹּקֵחַPsalm 146:8; passive feminine plural מְּקֻחוֺתJeremiah 32:19; —

1 open eyes:

a. one's own 2 Kings 4:35; Job 27:19; Proverbs 20:13; 2 Kings 19:16 = Isaiah 37:17; Daniel 9:18; + עַלJeremiah 32:19; Zechariah 12:4; Job 14:3.

b. eyes of others Genesis 21:19; 2 Kings 6:17 (twice in verse); 6:20 (twice in verse); Isaiah 42:7; Psalm 146:8; — for details see עַיִן

1j. 2. open ears = hear Isaiah 42:20 (without understanding; figurative of Israel).

Niph`al Perfect3plural consecutive וְנִפְקְחוּGenesis 3:5; Imperfect3feminine plural תִּמָּקַחְנָהIsaiah 35:5, ׳וַתּGenesis 3:7; — be opened, of eyes; figurative, so as to know good and evil 3:5, 7; opposed to blindness (figurative) Isaiah 35:5.