Word Summary
tsadah: to lie in wait
Original Word: צָדָה
Transliteration: tsadah
Phonetic Spelling: (tsaw-daw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to lie in wait
Meaning: to chase, to desolate
Strong's Concordance
destroy, hunt, lie in wait

A primitive root; to chase; by implication, to desolate -- destroy, hunt, lie in wait.


H6658. tsadah

I. צָדָהverb lie in wait (Late Hebrew id., rare; compare (si vera lectio) Biblical Aramaic צְדָאDaniel 3:14) —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳צExodus 21:13 (E; absolute); Participle with accusative לְקִחְתָּהּ אֶתנַֿפְשִׁי צֹדֶה וְאַתָּה1 Samuel 24:11 (Gi; v.24:12 van d. H. Baer).

II. [צָדָה‎] verb lay waste (Late Hebrew id. (rare), Aramaic צְדִי‎, , id.); —

Niph`al Perfect3plural עָרֵיהֶם נִצְדּוּZephaniah 3:6 their cities are laid waste.

צֵדָה‎ see צֵידָה‎, below II. צוד‎. צֵדְנִיֹּת‎ see צִידֹנִי‎.

צדק‎ (√of following; Late Hebrew, Aramaic in derivatives; compare Arabic speak the truth (also hard, even, straight, perfect); Sabean צדקjust, epithet of king MordtmZMG xxx (1876), 37 HomChrest. 125; usually excellent DHMZMG xxix (1875), 595, 590 CISiv. p. 176; also verb favour, endow (one with something) CISiv. No. 198 l. 4 DHMl.c. MordtmHim. Inschr. 70 f.; Phoenician צדק‎ adjective just, right, Tel Amarna (Canaanite) ƒaduk, innocent Old Aramaic צדק‎ noun righteousness, loylty, Nabataean אצדק‎ adjective authorized, Palmyrene זדקתאεὐσεβής; Saho sada‡, be true, clear ReinischSaho Spr, (1890) 312; Ethiopic be just, righteous, so Late Hebrew צדק‎ Pi`el Hiph`il, Aramaic צְדֵיק‎, ; compare Kauder. d. St. צדק‎ (1881) HPSצדק‎ etc. Presb. Rev., 1882, 165 ff. Gerber206ff.).