Word Summary
tsiyyun: a signpost, monument
Original Word: צִיוּן
Transliteration: tsiyyun
Phonetic Spelling: (tsee-yoon')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a signpost, monument
Meaning: a monumental, guiding pillar
Strong's Concordance
sign, title, waymark

From the same as tsiyah in the sense of conspicuousness (compare natsach); a monumental or guiding pillar -- sign, title, waymark.

see HEBREW tsiyah

see HEBREW natsach


H6725. tsiyyun

צִיּוּןnoun masculine sign-post, monument (Late Hebrew id. (צִיֵּין‎ Pi`el denominative); probably from √ in original physical sense, see especially Arabic , Syriac , compare SchulthHom. Wurz. 57ii 1, 154; > √צין‎ Buhl.); — absolute ׳צ‎, grave-stone 2 Kings 23:17; sign-post Ezekiel 39:15; guide-posts, plural צִיֻּנִיםJeremiah 31:21 ("" תַּמְרוּרִים‎).