Word Summary
tsaphah: to lay out, lay over
Original Word: צָפָה
Transliteration: tsaphah
Phonetic Spelling: (tsaw-faw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to lay out, lay over
Meaning: to lay out, lay over
Strong's Concordance
cover, overlay

A primitive root (probably identical with tsaphah through the idea of expansion in outlook, transferring to action); to sheet over (especially with metal) -- cover, overlay.

see HEBREW tsaphah


H6823. tsaphah

II. [צָפָה‎]47 verb lay out, lay over (Late Hebrew Pi`el= Biblical Hebrew); —

Qal Infinitive absolute הַצָּפִית צָפֹהIsaiah 21:5 they lay out the rug! or the like, so most moderns, see צָפִית

Pi`el overlay, plate: Perfect3masculine singular צִמָּה1 Kings 6:15 +; 2 masculine singular וְצִמִּיתָ֫Exodus 25:11 +; Imperfect3masculine singular וַיְצַף1 Kings 6:20 +, suffix וַיְצַמֵּהוּ6:20 +; 2 masculine singular תְּצַמֶּהExodus 29:29; 3masculine plural וַיְצַמּוּ2 Chronicles 3:10, etc.; — overlay, especially plate something with metal (gold, bronze), usually 2 accusative: 1 Kings 6:20 (twice in verse) + 6 t. 1 Kings 6, + 10:18, "" 2 Chronicles 3:4, 10; 4:9; 9:17; Exodus 25:11, 13 21t. Exodus 25-38 (all P): overlay, stud with precious stones, 2 accusative 2 Chronicles 3:6; also plate, accusative mater. omitted, 1 Kings 6:15; 2 Kings 18:16; Exodus 25:11; 38:28; accusative direct object, omitted 1 Kings 6:32, 35; with accusative + ב‎ mater. 6:15 overlaid the floor of the house with timbers.

Pu`al Participle מְצֻמֶּהProverbs 26:23 impure silver (Toy) laid over (עַל‎) a sherd; plural זָהָב מְצֻמִּיםExodus 26:32, pillars over laid with gold.