Word Summary
Qidron: perhaps "dusky", a wadi East of Jer
Original Word: קִדְרוֹן
Transliteration: Qidron
Phonetic Spelling: (kid-rone')
Part of Speech: Proper Name
Short Definition: perhaps "dusky", a wadi East of Jer
Meaning: Kidron -- perhaps "dusky", a wadi East of Jerusalem
Strong's Concordance

From qadar; dusky place; Kidron, a brook near Jerusalem -- Kidron.

see HEBREW qadar


H6939. Qidron

קִדְרוֺןproper name of wady just east of Jerusalem (Thes. turbidus); — ק ׳נַחַל2 Samuel 15:23; 1 Kings 2:37; usually as place for refuse 15:13 2 Chronicles 15:16; 2 Kings 23:6 (twice in verse); 23:12; 2 Chronicles 29:16; 30:14; Jeremiah 31:40; so ק ׳שַׁדְמוֺת2 Kings 23:4; Κεδρων; compare RobPhys. Geogr, 87ff. BuhlGeogr. 93 BdPal. 3 (1898), 94.

קדשׁ‎ (√ of following; possibly original idea of separation, withdrawal (BaudStudien, iiLOB Mar. 22, 1879, 361 RSSemitic i. 140; 2nd ed. 150); Late Hebrew = Biblical Hebrew; Phoenician קדשholy, מקדשsanctuary; Assyrian ‡adâšu II. I, cleanse (MeissnSuppl. 84), also ‡adištu, hierodule consecrated to Ištar (compare AJeremIzdubar 59f.); Arabic proper name, of a mountain (Nöl.c. RSProph. see, N. 9); in Arabic otherwise under influence of Hebrew, so Ethiopic; compare קדשׁ ᵑ7‎ in derived species and derivatives, Syriac consecrate, etc.; Palmyrene קדשid.; Aramaic קְדָשָׁא‎, (ear- or nose-) ring, (originally holy thing, Nöl.c.); — on whole subject see Baud Nö RS (references above), also HPSPresb. Rev. 1881, 588ff.; different from חרם‎ see GFMJu. p. 36).