Word Summary
Rapha: inhabitant of an area East of the Jordan
Original Word: רָפָא
Transliteration: Rapha
Phonetic Spelling: (raw-faw')
Part of Speech: Proper Name
Short Definition: inhabitant of an area East of the Jordan
Meaning: Rephaim -- inhabitants of an area East of the Jordan
Strong's Concordance
giant, Rapha, Rephaims

Or raphah {raw-faw'}; from rapha' in the sense of invigorating; a giant -- giant, Rapha, Rephaim(-s). See also Beyth Rapha'.

see HEBREW rapha'

see HEBREW Beyth Rapha'


H7497. Rapha

II. רְפָאִיםproper name, of a people old race of giants (perhaps = I. ׳ר‎, as extinct and powerless; see especially WRS in DrDeuteronomy 2:11; or as shadowy, vaguely known, SchwZAW xviii (1898), 127 ff. see also Stal.c.); — ancient inhabitants of Canaan [west of Jordan?], Genesis 15:20; Joshua 17:15 (JE), compare 1 Chronicles 20:4 (see II. רָפָה‎ above); hence ר ׳עֶמֶמק‎, plain south of Jerusalem 2 Samuel 5:18, 22; 23:13; 1 Chronicles 11:15; 14:9; Isaiah 17:5; Joshua 15:8; 18:16 (P); ׳ר‎ east of Jordan Deuteronomy 2:11 ("" עֲנָקִים‎; tall, compare 2:10), 2:20 ("" id.; tall; = Zamzummim); in Bashan, Genesis 14:5, Og the last of them Deuteronomy 3:11 (of huge size), Joshua 12:4; 13:12 (D); ר ׳אֶרֶץDeuteronomy 2:20; 3:13. ᵐ5Ραφαειν[μ]; οἱ γίγαντες Genesis 14:5 4t.; τῶν Τιτάνων 2 Samuel 5:18, 22 + (ᵐ5L) 23:13.

רִפוֺת‎ see רִיפָה‎ below ריף‎. p. 937.