Word Summary
ishsheh: an offering made by fire
Original Word: אִשָּׁה
Transliteration: ishsheh
Phonetic Spelling: (ish-shaw')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: an offering made by fire
Meaning: a burnt-offering, a sacrifice
Strong's Concordance
offering, sacrifice, made by fire

The same as 'eshshah, but used in a liturgical sense; properly, a burnt-offering; but occasionally of any sacrifice -- (offering, sacrifice), (made) by fire.

see HEBREW 'eshshah


H801. ishsheh

אִשֶּׁהnoun masculineJoshua 13:14 an offering made by fire (> Wetzst in DePsalmen, ed. 4, 889 derive from √ II. אנשׁ‎, means to friendly relations between God & man; compare LagBN 190) Exodus 29:18 32t.; construct אִשֵּׁהLeviticus 1:9 14t.; plural construct אִשֵּׁי4:35 15t.; suffix אִשַּׁיNumbers 28:2, אִשָּׁ֑יLeviticus 6:10; used chiefly of offerings of animals, but also of the מִנְחָה2:11, and of the sacred bread and frankincense 24:7, 9 which was placed on the table as a memorial, and finally went to the priests. The word is used in Deuteronomy 18:1; Joshua 13:14 (D) 1 Samuel 2:28; elsewhere in P Leviticus 6:10; 10:15; 22:22; Numbers 28:2-3, especially in phrases יהוה אִשֵּׁיLeviticus 2:3 11t., ליהוה נִיחֹחַ רֵיחַ אִשֵּׁה1:9 14t., ליהוה אשׁה ניחח ריחExodus 29:18 6t., ניחח ריח ליהוה אשׁהLeviticus 23:13, ניחח לריח אשׁה3:16; Numbers 18:17, ליהוה (הוא) אשׁהExodus 29:25; Leviticus 2:16; ליהוה אִשֶּׁה‎ accusative after verbs of offering Exodus 30:20 14t., ליהוה עֹלָה אִשֶּׁהNumbers 28:19, אִשֶּׁהליהוה קָרְבָּןLeviticus 22:27; Numbers 15:25.