Word Summary
sheni: second (an ordinal number)
Original Word: שֵׁנִי
Transliteration: sheni
Phonetic Spelling: (shay-nee')
Part of Speech: Noun
Short Definition: second (an ordinal number)
Meaning: second (an ordinal number)
Strong's Concordance
again, either of them, another, second time

From shanah; properly, double, i.e. Second; also adverbially, again -- again, either (of them), (an-)other, second (time).

see HEBREW shanah


H8145. sheni

שֵׁנִיmasculine שֵׁנִיתfeminine157

adjective ordinal number second; — הַשֵּׁנִי בַּיּוֺםExodus 2:13 +, etc. (שֵׁנִי‎82t. + Nehemiah 3:30, read שֵׁנִית‎; read וְהַשֵּׁנִי‎ also 1 Chronicles 6:13 for ושני‎); הַשֵּׁנִית בַּשָּׁנָהGenesis 47:18 +, etc. (שֵׁנִית‎72t. + Nehemiah 3:30 see above), שׁ יָמִים ׳שִׁבְעַתLeviticus 13:5; Leviticus 13:93; 13:54 a second heptad of days; שֵׁנִית‎ = a second time Genesis 22:15-16t. + (= again, of similar — not identical — act, or another point in a series) Ezekiel 4:6; Malachi 2:13, וְהַשֵּׁנִית2 Samuel 16:19; masculine plural שְׁנִיִּםNumbers 2:16 they shall set out as second, but Genesis 6:16 second stories (in ark).

תנא‎ (ᵑ7‎ Syriac; = Biblical Hebrew II. שֵׁנִי שְׁנַיִם, שָׁנָה,‎).