Word Summary
Shenir or Senir: Amorite name for Mount Hermon
Original Word: שְׁנִיר
Transliteration: Shenir or Senir
Phonetic Spelling: (shen-eer')
Part of Speech: Proper Name
Short Definition: Amorite name for Mount Hermon
Meaning: Senir -- Amorite name for Mount Hermon
Strong's Concordance
Senir, Shenir

Or Sniyr {sen-eer'}; from an unused root meaning to be pointed; peak; Shenir or Senir, a summit of Lebanon -- Senir, Shenir.


H8149. Shenir

or Senir שְׂנִירproper name, of a mountain Σανειρ: Amorite name of Hermon Deuteronomy 3:9, whence came cypress-trees Ezekiel 27:5, probably northern peak(s) of Hermon 1 Chronicles 5:23; Song of Solomon 4:8 (where + חֶרְמוֺן‎); so Arabic Abulfed. Par. 68, Syriac , Ecclus 24:13 al., Assyrian Saniru COTDeuteronomy 3:9 DlPa 104. See also Dr3:9 BuhlGeogr. 110 f. and references [van d. H. erroneous ׳שׁ‎ Deuteronomy Cant].

שׂעף‎ (√ of following; Thes and others identification with סעףdivide (q. v.), whence following as branching out, involved; BaES 56 compare strike the () pericardium, be disquieted by a thing).