Word Summary
teraphim: (a kind of idol) perhaps household idol
Original Word: תְּרָפִים
Transliteration: teraphim
Phonetic Spelling: (ter-aw-feme')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: (a kind of idol) perhaps household idol
Meaning: (a kind of idol) perhaps household idol
Strong's Concordance
idolatry, images, teraphim

Plural from rapha'; a healer; Teraphim (singular or plural) a family idol -- idols(-atry), images, teraphim.

see HEBREW rapha'


H8655. teraphim

תְּרָפִיםnoun masculineZechariah 10:2

plural (= plural of majesty NöZMG xlii (1888), 476) a kind of idol, object of reverence, and means of divination (√ and etymology-meaning dubious, compare GFMHast. DB TERAPHIM SayZA ii. 195 (citing Neubauer, and Assyrian tarpû, spectre), al. √ רפא‎, compare רְפָאִים‎); — always ׳ת‎: — portable and sometimes small Genesis 31:19, 34: 31:35 (called אֱלֹהִים31:30, all E), but in size and shape like a man 1 Samuel 19:13, 16; in household shrine (see also l.c.) Judges 17:5 (+ אֵפוֺד‎, compare GFMJu), 18:14, 17 (both + מַסֵּכָה מֶּסֶל, אֵפוֺד,‎), compare 18:20 (omitted מַסֵּכָה‎), Hosea 3:4 (+ וֶבַךְ מַצֵּבָה, ׳א,‎); condemned 1 Samuel 15:23; 2 Kings 23:24 (+ גִּלֻּלִים‎); used in divining (by king of Babylonian ), בַּתּ ׳שָׁאַלEzekiel 21:26 (+ בַּכָּבֵד רָאָח בַּתִצִּים, קִלְקַל‎); as giving empty oracles Zechariah 10:2 ("" הַקּוֺסְמִים‎). — See GFMl.c. NowArchaeology ii. 23 StaBlb. Theol. d. A. T. under the word.

תִּרְצָה‎ see רצה‎.