Word Summary
Bezeq: a place in Palestine
Original Word: בֶּזֶק
Transliteration: Bezeq
Phonetic Spelling: (beh'-zak)
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a place in Palestine
Meaning: Bezek -- a place in Palestine
Strong's Concordance

From bazaq; lightning; Bezek, a place in Palestine -- Bezek.

see HEBREW bazaq


H966. Bezeq

בֶּ֫זֶקִproper name, of a location 1 Samuel 11:8 (בְּבָ֑זֶק‎) rendezvous of Israel under Saul and Samuel; Judges 1:4-5, home of Adoni-bezek; on location compare Euseb. LagOnom. 105, 2nd ed. 139; see also Stu. 1:4; Judges 17th (mile-)stone from Neapolis toward Scythopolis; modern –irbet Ibzî‡, 14 English miles from Nâblus, Surveyii. 231. **NesAJSL xiii {1897}. 176 conjectures meaning gravel, compare modern Ramle = sand. **Error in 1:4-5, (see GFM).