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Recent Comments for Isaiah 53:6

9/15/2015, 10:49am by "Roger": Yes, we have all strayed far into sin, but blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ who of His own free will took the sins of all mankind, and GOD was happy.

9/12/2015, 11:00pm by "christine": Thanks you Jesus for loved us so must

9/12/2015, 11:40am by "Bwire": Indeed he is God, i long to see him one day, may he have mercy on me every day

9/12/2015, 7:11am by "MockingBird": Jesus is the Great shepherd of the sheep : and I am one of those sheep of His pasture : I from time to time go astray : The Good shepherd my Good shepherd always will draw me back into Him by letting me know where I have strayed : I acknowledge my sin and get forgiveness and He carries me back into the fold. God is so Good to me . I know I don't deserve His Goodness but because Jesus was willing to take on all my sin : I have hope and a part in His resurrected life . Praise God for His Great love !!!!

6/15/2014, 9:13am by "Rob": All I can say is thank you Jesus. Amen.

6/15/2014, 6:42am by "Rich": Having received the greatest gift, that caused a break in the union of the Father, and His ONLY begotten Son while he paid my price for sin. I must acknowledge Him in all my ways and live as one once dead in sin but now resurrected seated at the right hand of God setting aside anything that would separate me from Him.

6/15/2014, 5:28am by "Toni": We all have went away from God. We are lost and alone not knowing which way to go, trying to live in this life on our own, with no wisdom or knowledge of God. Walking by our own will, letting the devil string us along by the nose taking us whichever way he wills. But God stepped in and gave us the remedy, the Shepherd of our souls His Son Jesus. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is no way back to God, but by Jesus, who God took the sin of the world and placed it upon Him.

1/09/2014, 9:33pm by "Anald": In him me h've found a ryt way a way dat take as to extnal life

1/09/2014, 2:38pm by "Kevin": Makes me feel convicted.

10/14/2013, 4:03pm by "BSP": Mankind as a whole has inherited sin and this has led to a turning away from God. We must fight this inborn tendency and put forth the effort to draw close to God. The way has been opened for us to have forgiveness of our sins by means of Jesus' ransom sacrifice. Jesus did not deserve the harsh treatment he received or the painful death he experienced. As sinners we should have to pay, but he willingly offered himself up in our behalf.

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