jeremiah outline

1. The Call of Jeremiah (1:1-19)

2. Prophesies for Judah (2:1-45:5)

a. Warnings to Judah (2:1-29:32)

i. The Sin of the People (2:1-37)

ii. A Plea for Repentance (3:1-4:4)

iii. Judgment is Coming (4:5-6:30)

iv. The Temple Sermon (7:1-10:25)

v. The Broken Covenant (11:1-12:17)

vi. Parables and Warning (13:1-27)

vii. Drought, Famine, Sword, and Plague (14:1-15:9)

viii. Jeremiah’s Woes (15:10-17:27)

ix. Parables of Persecution (18:1-20:17)

x. Jeremiah and the Kings of Judah (21:1-23:40)

1. King Zedekiah and Jeremiah (21:1-10)

2. A Message to the House of David (21:11-23:8)

a. To the Royal House of Judah (21:11-22:9)

b. To Individual Kings of Judah (22:10-30)

c. The Coming Righteous Branch of David (23:1-8)

3. The False Prophets (23:9-40)

xi. The Good and Bad Figs (24:1-10)

xii. Seventy Years of Captivity in Babylon (25:1-38)

xiii. Jeremiah Rejected by Leadership (26:1-28:17)

1. The Plot to Kill Jeremiah (26:1-24)

2. The Yoke of Nebuchadnezzar (27:1-28:17)

xiv. Letter to the Exiles in Babylon (29:1-32)

b. Hope for Israel and Judah (30:1-33:26)

i. Restoration of Israel and Judah (30:1-31:25)

ii. The New Covenant (31:26-40)

iii. Jeremiah Buys Hanamel’s Field (32:1-44)

iv. Promise of Future Restoration (33:1-13)

v. The Covenant with David (33:14-26)

c. Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem (34:1-45:5)

i. Events Leading to the Fall of Jerusalem (34:1-38:28)

1. Prophecy against Zedekiah (34:1-7)

2. Freedom for Hebrew Slaves (34:8-22)

3. Obedience of the Rechabites (35:1-19)

4. Jeremiah’s Scroll (36:1-32)

a. Scroll Read in the Temple (36:1-10)

b. Scroll Read in the Palace (36:11-19)

c. Jehoiakim Burns the Scroll (36:20-26)

d. Jeremiah Rewrites the Scroll (36:27-32)

5. Final Warnings Before the Fall of Jerusalem (37:1-38:28)

a. Jeremiah Warns Zedekiah (37:1-10)

b. Jeremiah Imprisoned (37:11-21)

c. Jeremiah Cast into the Cistern (38:1-28)

ii. The Fall of Jerusalem (39:1-18)

iii. Events After the Fall of Jerusalem (40:1-45:5)

1. The Remnant in Judah (40:1-42:22)

a. Jeremiah Remains in Judah (40:1-6)

b. Gedaliah Governs in Judah (40:7-41:18)

  i. Gedaliah Appointed by Nebuchadnezzar (40:7-12)

  ii. The Plot against Gedaliah (40:13-16)

  iii. The Assassination of Gedaliah (41:1-18)

c. A Warning against Going to Egypt (42:1-22)

2. The Remnant Flees to Egypt (43:1-44:30)

a. Jeremiah Taken to Egypt (43:1-13)

b. Judgement on the Jews in Egypt (44:1-30)

3. Jeremiah’s Message to Baruch (45:1-5)

3. Prophesies for the Nations (46:1-51:64)

a. Judgment on Egypt (46:1-28)

b. Judgment on the Philistines (47:1-7)

c. Judgement on Moab (48:1-47)

d. Judgment on the Ammonites (49:1-6)

e. Judgement on Edom (49:7-22)

f. Judgment on Damascus (49:23-27)

g. Judgment on Kedar and Hazor (49:28-33)

h. Judgment on Elam (49:34-39)

i. Concerning Babylon (50:1-51:64)

i. A Prophecy against Babylon (50:1-3)

ii. Hope for Israel and Judah (50:4-10)

iii. Babylon’s Fall Is Certain (50:11-16)

iv. Redemption for God’s People (50:17-20)

v. The Destruction of Babylon (50:21-51:14)

vi. Praise to the God of Jacob (51:15-19)

vii. Babylon’s Punishment (51:20-58)

viii. Jeremiah’s Prophecy to Seraiah (51:59-64)

4. The Fall of Jerusalem Recounted (52:1-34)

a. Nebuchadnezzar Sieges Jerusalem (52:1-11)

b. The Temple Destroyed (52:12-23)

c. Captives Carried to Babylon (52:24-30)

d. Evil-merodach Releases Jehoiachin (52:31-34)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible