Word Summary
holelah: madness
Original Word: הוֹלֵלָה
Transliteration: holelah
Phonetic Spelling: (ho-lay-law')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: madness
Meaning: madness
Strong's Concordance

Feminine active participle of halal; folly -- madness.

see HEBREW halal


H1947. holelah

[הוֺלֵלָה‎] noun feminine madness (on text see below), only plural הוֺלֵלוֺת הֹלֵלוֺת,‎, and only Ecclesiastes: Ecclesiastes 1:17 and I set my heart (לִבִּי וָאֶתְּנָה‎) to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly (וְשִׂכְלוּת הֹלֵלוֺת‎), compare הוֺלֵלוֺת2:12 ("" id.); ה וְהַסִּכְלוּת כֶּסֶל רֶשַׁע ׳וְלָדַעַת7:25; i.e. to know folly to be madness; possibly read חוֺלֵלוּת‎, compare סִכְלוּת‎ & following; the moral evil of it is specifically recognized in 9:3 ("" רָע‎).