Word Summary
shaag: to roar
Original Word: שָׁאַג
Transliteration: shaag
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-ag')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to roar
Meaning: to rumble, moan
Strong's Concordance
mightily, roar

A primitive root; to rumble or moan -- X mightily, roar.


H7580. shaag

שָׁאַגverb roar (Late Hebrew id.; Arabic low, bleat, Frey); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳וְשׁIsaiah 5:29 Kt consecutive (> Qr יִשְׁאַג‎), שָׁאָ֖גAmos 3:8, etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular יִשְׁאַג3:4 +, etc.; Infinitive absolute שָׁאֹגJeremiah 25:30; Participle שֹׁאֵגJudges 14:5; Psalm 22:14, שׁוֺאֵגEzekiel 22:25, שֹׁאֲגִיםZephaniah 3:3; Psalm 104:21; —

1 roar, of lion Judges 14:5 (with לִקְרָאתוֺ‎), Amos 3:4, 8; Psalm 104:21 (with ל‎ of prey), figurative of invaders and foes Jeremiah 2:15 (with עַל‎ person) Psalm 22:14, compare 74:4, simile Isaiah 5:29; Jeremiah 51:38; figurative of rapacious rulers Zephaniah 3:3; Ezekiel 22:25 (read נְשִׂיאֶיהָ‎ for ᵐ5 נְבִיאֶתהָ‎ and modern); of ׳י‎ (like lion) calling scattered Israel Hosea 11:10 (twice in verse) (on text of see see Now); of ׳י‎ roaring in thunder Jeremiah 25:30a = Amos 1:2 = Joel 3:16, also Jeremiah 25:30 (יִשְׁאַג שָׁאֹג‎, followed by עַלנָֿוֵהוּ‎); compare יִשְׁאַגקֿוֺלJob 37:4 ("" יַרְעֵם‎).

2 of human cry in distress Psalm 38:9 (with מִן‎ causative).